Saurav Brahmachari                                         
Ph.D student,
                                             Dept. of Neurological Sciences
                                             Rush University Medical Center
                                             Cohn Research Building
                                             1735 W  Harrison St
                                             Chicago, IL 60612, USA
                                             E-mail #

I received B.Pharm in 1998 and M.Tech (Bio-Tech) in 2000 from Jadavpur
University, Calcutta, India. Then I joined a Govt. Polytechnic Institute at Birbhum,
West Bengal, as a lecturer in Pharmacy and worked until 2002. Currently, I am a
graduate student in the PhD program of Neuroscience at Rush University Medical
Center, working under the supervision of Dr. Pahan.

Research Interest
My research is primarily involved in understanding the underlying mechanism of
CNS inflammation and astrogliosis and development of strategy to prevent
T-cell-mediated CNS inflammation, a key player in the pathogenesis of EAE and
MS. We investigated the role of NO in astrogliosis. Recently we have shown that,
sodium benzoate (NaB), a cinnamon metabolite, ameliorated EAE by modifying T
cells at multiple steps. I am now investigating the role of VLA-4 integrin in
contact-mediated induction of pro-inflammatory molecules in astroglia and its
relevance to gender disparity in EAE.

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